Casas Particulares in Matanzas

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Matanzas is the capital of the province of the same name and while it is a major industrial town, it is located picturesquely on the shore of a large bay. It is the fourth most important port in the world for the exportation of sugar. The city has been know as ‘Creole Venice’ as there are many bridges linking the old centre to the other areas of the city. It has also been called ‘Athens of Cuba’ and both these names date back to the 19th century when Matanzas, a rich and flourishing area, was brimming with artistic and cultural life, moreso even than Havana atthe time.

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Doña Edita  

frente de la casa

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Hostal Frató  


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Hostal Sagrada Familia  


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La Villa Soñada  

Fachada  de  La  Villa  Soñada

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Casa Rabelo  

Fachada estilo colonial eclectico.

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Villa Costa Azul  

Vista desde las habitaciones

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Beach Tenis Casa Javier  


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Casa Marylin  


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Mi Casita del Medio  

Mi Casita del Medio

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Villa Serrano Matanzas  


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Villa Mariana  

Villa Mariana

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Hostal Angelos  

Hostal Angelos

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Casa Marisol y Christopher  

El GadjoRanchon

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Villa Diane y Andres  

Entrada principal Villa Diane y Andre

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Hostal La casa de Lily  

La casa de Lily

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