Casas Particulares in Vinales

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The National Park Vinales is one of the most spectacular locations in Cuba. Given Unesco World Heritage status in 1991, this sleepy village is nestled in a verdant valley full of tobacco farms, caves and strange shaped limestone hills known as mogotes. The valley of Vinales is the most visited location in the province of Pinar del Rio and is a good place to spend a few days. The town centre has its own charm but not a lot of things to see, the beauty is in its location and the surrounding sights.

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Casa Yiyo "El Guajiro"  


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El Almendro  


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Casa Mily a La Campagne  

Casa Mily a la Campagne

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Villa Tatiana y El Yiyi  

Front Villa Tatiana y el Yiyi

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D Pedro y H  

Habitación Independiente

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Casa Mariela y Pacho  

Front of the house

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Casa Orlando y Yoania  

Frente de la Casa Orlando y Yoania

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Casa Nolo  

Front of the house

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Villa Edenia Casas Alvarez  

Villa Edenia Casas

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Casa Mardey-Arlyn  


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Casa Niki y Anicia  

Casa Niki y Anicia's front

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Casa Leyani y Osvedy  

Front Casa Osvedy y Leyani

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Villa Migue y Esther  


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Villa Natali  


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Casa Mirtha Diaz  

Frente de la Casa

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Casa Dany y Carlos  


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Casa Arcoiris  

Frente del la Casa Particular Arcoiris, Viñales

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Villa Dinalba  


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Casa Carlos Celorio  

Frente de la Casa

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Casa Yanara y Ali  

Casa Yanara y Ali's front

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Casa Naveda  

Front of the Casa Particular Naveda Vinales

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Casa El Porry  

SwimingPoll Casa  El Porry Viñales

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Villa Nelffis  

Front of the house

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Casa Pavel y Yudy  


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Casa Lala  

Casa Lala

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Villa Las Vegas  

Villa Las Vegas's front

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Villa Las Palmeras  

Villa Las Palmeras's front

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Villa Pupi Y Emilio  

Una agrable vista

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